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Lyrical Wanzam
Wisam Hamza popularly known as Lyrical Wanzam was born in Accra. He
spent his early years in Tamale and left later to join his parents in
Accra to further his education and spend more time with his immediate
family. He has been artistic since he was a child working on pencil
drawings and playing around with color pencils. He discovered his
penchant for music in Accra when he found an artistic niche in his
neighborhood, Madina. Some of his musical influences are Nas, Mos Def,
Wutang and Eminem. He has worked with Wanlov kubolor, LooneeTKR, Gemini,
Boynash, Kojocue, lil shaker, M.anifet E.L most recently. He is
currently pursuing higher education in Canada where he spends time with
his wife and adorable daughter while working to keep his musical senses
in shape by working on some new music in the studio. His musical style
is defined by his various identities as a Dagbana raised in Tamale who
spent the rest of his adult life in the vibrant multicultural community
of Madina while dipping his toes in the Ghanaian middle-class through
his education at St. Augustine’s College and his association with
friends he met there and later during his college days in the Kwame
Nkrumah University for Science and Technology. He recently graduated
from Vancouver Island University.