NOMISUPASTA was born in 1985, in a Soweto that was ablaze with the hope of freedom. The third daughter to a school teacher and a journalist, both her parents were active in politics. Her
mother, Belede, was inspiring black youths in Soweto high schools to never loose hope in the
promise of freedom while her journalist father wrote articles that not only exposed the atrocities
of the apartheid regime, but also sought to inspire a despondent black populous to believe in
themselves and their power. Both NOMISUPASTA & NOMISUPASTA’s parents were Pan-Africanists,
listening to NOMISUPASTA NOMISUPASTA’s lyrics, it is clear her upbringing was loaded with Azanian ideas.

NOMISUPASTA’s lyrics are not only political however, are also whimsical, playful, mischievous and really capture the essence of who she is, a playful jovial character, unafraid to speak truth and bold to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.NOMISUPASTA’s sound on her first album is primarilly
constructed by producer/“sound architect”, 37 MPH. NOMISUPASTA and 37MPH have
created a sound that is pleasantly surprising and has a distinct newness and originality. Perhaps
it’s the fusion of traditional Xhosa instruments with commercial drum ‘n bass, perhaps it’s the cheekiness of the lyrics. We believe, it’s the meeting of two great African artists, enjoying freedom, living in the free world, and creating their space in music. This album could possibly mark the death of the category ‘world music’, as it unashamedly states, ‘today, all music is of the world!’

Nomi’s new album contains the full EP plus 6 new unreleased tracks, coproduced by
NOMISUPASTA. NOMISUPASTA and 37 MPH. In addition, in the print edition, we have added three bonus tracks.Traveler, which is a collaboration between NOMISUPASTA. NOMISUPASTA, and popular house music DJ Black Coffee and rapidly rising drum duo, Black Motion. Sun Rises with the Moon and First Contact are taken from Nomi’s upcoming album, #1stContact, a creation between her and San Francisco based producer Nezbeat formerly of the Archetypes. NOMISUPASTA NOMISUPASTA also collaborated with Rapsody on her ‘Idea of beautiful’ album produced by 9th Wonder on three singles, ‘Kind of Love’, ‘In the town’ and ‘When I have you’. All sampled off NOMISUPASTA’s debut offering, the three nominated and winner of Best Adult African Alternative at the 16th Annual South African Music Awards, the NOMISUPASTA

Love - Nomisupasta



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