Dj Kess is signed to BackGroundMusic.

BackGroundMusic is a registered record label that focuses on developing and showcasing the talents and creativity of its musicians.

BackGroundMusic was born with this goal, to invest in raw, undeniable talent and support the new age of African creativity through good music, excellent visuals and groundbreaking performances.

Our mission is to create new African music legends with substance in their crafts.

BackGroundMusic comprises of a diverse mix of music lovers first, a progressive marketing team, a group of experienced and forward thinking management, sound engineers, and distributors.

BackGroundMusic is set up to be a record company that embraces originality and takes advantage of cutting-edge Internet strategies and our network of international affiliates.

BackGround Music represents world class music from Africa.
Background Music Group GROUP

Pilolo - DJ Kess ft. Zepora Dickson & Worlasi



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