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David Oscar‘s name is Iconic within Ghanaian Arts and Entertainment. He is credited with spearheading the movement known as (GHComedy), that fought to gain visibility and acceptance for a new and young breed of Ghanaian Stand-up comedians; a trade that had traditionally been dominated on Ghanaian soil by comics from neighboring Nigeria. Much recently, he has been inspired to dig deeper with his art, putting on a musical cap after almost 15 years of playing various artistic roles within Ghanaian and African entertainment as a whole. He says “as an artist, I am in constant search of ways of expressing myself”, to this point, it has come as a great surprise to many who never knew David Oscar, the Actor and Comedian could reach out to his audience and the world at large through Reggae music. Within three years of commencing his musical journey, he has collaborated with highly rated Ghanaian Music Star; Afriyie Wutah and internationally with the 2014 BEFFTA Awards (UK) Winner for spoken word, LyricL Da Nkechi on his song "Legal Tender", and with Brazilian bassist and producer Rafael Toloi on his song "Steadfast Love" as well as Canadian songwriter and producer Joe Pipino on "why should I care".

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