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Born on the same birthday as the legendary Bob Marley (6th February), Rex Owusu Marfo aka Rex Omar's career appears destined to chart a path to worldwide stardom, such as the late reggae star attained.From humble beginnings in his birthplace, Kumasi, capital of the Ashantis of Ghana, Rex Omar has gained wide recognition in the West African region and beyond.Having performed internationally at a variety of places including Cote D'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Benin, Britain, France and Togo Rex is set to explode on the international market.Indeed a performance by him in Britain in October 2000 earned him a description by British promoters, Serious, as "Ghana's most exciting musical export..." with the London entertainment magazine Time Out predicting Rex is "... going to raise the stakes for Ghana's music".Rex Omar, originally called Rex Owusu Marfo, is firmly rooted in his native criss-cross rhythms and melodic inflections. With this heritage plus the pervasive influence of western pop music and his personal love for jazz, Rex has plays a unique blend of Afro-pop and jazz music. His singing style portrays influences from the praise singers of Northern Ghana and Ashanti.Rex has pursued his own dream of a music career with single-minded devotion since he defied at an early age, his father's desire for him to become a lawyer.His recording career has spanned eighteen years with a number of hits to his credit. His album "Dangerous" which includes the hit song "Abiba" has sold over 300,000 units and is still attracting audiences beyond Ghana's borders.Rex now has a twelve-Piece band, the nu-Ashanty that provides exciting renditions and backing to his music. In November 2002 Rex Omar and his band put up an excellent show at the Jazz a` Ouaga in Burkina Faso.Their performance in August at the 2005 Les Escales Festival at St Nazaire, France, was so sensational that they had the thick crowd actually chanting for more! A similar scene occurred at the Standard Joy of Jazz Festival in South Africa – August 2005.Rex is the winner of several awards including the Ghana Music Award - Best Contemporary Song of the Year 2004. He was also a Kora Awards nominee in 2004.Rex Omar is a Composer, Arranger, Producer and Culture Advocate

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