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Since her immersion in the world of music in 2001, Sena Dagadu has proven time and again that there are no boundaries to her imagination and capabilities.Born in musical Ghana, to a renowned Hungarian jewellery designer and a community-focused Ghanaian engineer, Sena was raised to blend structure with creativity. She has always been intrigued by the power of music and its ability to soothe and heal. This foundation has guided her in her songwriting and co-operation with musicians from around the world.Sena made her first solo album in 2003 (First One: Gimmeshot Records, Hungary) which fast became an acclaimed record that seeped into the hearts of underground music lovers, and established her as a noteworthy artist. This marked the start of her musical journey of sharing and learning.The following years saw her collaborate with numerous bands and artists, testing different sounds and styles. From Shakespeare’s Sonnets to hip hop, afrobeats to dancehall, Sena created a vibrant musical scene in Hungary and established a solid foundation of reliability and hard work.Sena then joined the power group Irie Maffia. The band is currently one of the most renowned live bands out of Hungary, headlining all the major festivals and clubs, and amassing a strong hold in the commercial music scene in and around Hungary. Via this collaboration, she has released four albums (Hands in The Air, Whats My Name, Nagyon Jo Less and Irie X: Irie Maffia Records). Irie Maffia is a groundbreaker when it comes to crossing over musical genres, and inspiring the youth to discover world music in all its forms.The last fifteen years have been a journey of constant learning for Sena, with hundreds of live concerts and studio recordings around the world. This has given her a wealth of experience in the art of creating and performing music, and working with teams in order to drive progress.Sena loves experimenting and trying new things and has along the years featured on songs, albums and live projects in a kaleidoscope of genres.Never one to be idle, Sena continues to win hearts and ears around the world. She is ever active and is currently working on her new album based on her Ghanaian heritage. By focusing more on her African lineage and musical influences, collaborating with numerous Ghanaian and African artists, she will create her next masterpiece. She evolves and grows and, in all, spreads her message of multiculturalism, communication, peace, strength and love.

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