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He is known in the music circles as SKREWFAZE (originally spelt Screwface) and some of his fans call him ‘Rastaman komepe’, meaning the one and only Rastaman. He was however named Jehoshaphat Eshun by his parents. He got the name SKREWFAZE during his time in Senior Secondary School. Before the release of his first solo album ‘Halleluyah’ in 2004, Skrew was part of a group called CASHFACE, which consisted of himself, Castro and Shiloh. The group had hit songs like 419, Maami ANd So Far So Good. SKREWFAZE has collaborated with dozens of Ghanaian musicians, featuring on almost 200 songs. He has worked with artistes like Castro, Shiloh, Mz Bell, Nana Acheampong, Barima Sidney, Kk Fosu, Kwaw Kesse, Sam B, Nana Frema, Lady Talata, Kwabena Kwabena, Kokovelli, Kka, Obour, AB Crentsil, Old Soulja, Kofi Nti and many more. Skrewfaze is known for his creativity and humility, something which sets him apart from a lot of the musicians in Ghana. He is touted as the one of the most versatile artistes in his native Ghana, with ability to switch to various music styles In 2009, Skrew started a HIV- AIDS awareness project, which was supported by the Ghana Aids Commission, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana(PPAG) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Skrew released his third album in 2011 titled, Consynment (kpii kpaa kporr). Like the previous album, it was laced with francophone beats and local Ghanaian languages. 2011 also saw the launching of the Consynment Band, a band which accompanies him on his various tours. Skrew is a trendsetter that uses his creativity to the maximum. Terms like Consynment, Kpii Kpaa, Gbozaa, Gbalagazaaa are widely used by the local population due to the creativity and the charisma of Skrewfaze. Although he has been a bit quiet on the music scene, while attending to other interests, he has always been relevant in the music scene. Good news is that, HE IS BACK with a vengeance!!! The rebranded SKREWFAZE is currently embarking on the new phase of his music career by signing a record deal with Black Kulcha Music in the United Kingdom. He has some amazing songs to be released under the label, with his first single, 'Move Away', expected to be released worldwide on all digital stores on 1st December 2018. Visuals will follow shortly after.

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