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I am a Ghanaian musician currently living in Wisconsin, USA for the past two years. I have been making music for over 15 years. My first major hit, K3shikal3, has remained on the airwaves in Africa since it was released in 2004 on Hammer's Sounds of Our Time Compilation. Though singers such as The Jackson Five and Michael Jackson himself, Bob Marley, just to mention a few were the artiste i fell in love with at a very tender age i joined the Last Two camp right after Senior High School(St Thomas Aquinas High School), a hip hop group headed by one of the best producers of the motherland. I joined the Last Two basically because i felt strongly at the time i can be a musician as it pretty much felt like a calling. It was a calling for real and in a couple of years after being a part of one of the best Hip Hop groups in Ghana and Africa my first major hit, K3shikal3, featuring my friend Kwabena Kwabena was released by Hammer. Four years after in 2008 i followed up with my very first hit single called One Stone, popularly known as Rastaman Throw One Stone and I’m proud to say that the video of the said song was the only one in that time in the entire country that was being aired on DSTV, MTV-base Africa to be precise and made the charts to the 6th position competing songs from all over the African continent. Again i had to go on the low as i earned absolutely nothing from all my efforts as i was once again lead down by poor management. i recovered once more after that and between 2010-2012 i released Rain Rain and I Dey For You all of which became instant hits with the latter ending up on MTV Base Africa once more. I must admit that there have been some hard times throughout my music life from the very first day i made my first hit and the fact that i was very young in those days also played a major role in me not having the support, guidance and protection i needed as a very talented chap to develop and be as consistent and productive as i had always dreamt to be. In spite of all the downs i encountered i continued releasing singles after singles though i wasn’t making any serious impact like i used to and i must say a year prior to coming to the States i really embarked on a strong comeback into the music industry by releasing one after the other, 3 hit singles, namely Tsoo Hami, Love Doctor and Don’t Know Shwee with their music videos and it was obvious my fans and the people of Ghana as usual was loving what i was delivering. I have always wanted to be a reggae dancehall artiste as what i mostly listened to right after leaving the Last Two camp was dancehall music by super mentors like Sizzle Kalonge especially, Jnr Gong, Jah Cure, Capleton, Jah Cure, Fantah Mojah, just to mention a few. My versatility in the music industry though was fighting me on being under only one genre of music as i can perfectly create rap and afro pop music too. I must say and proud to say that i made my decision finally when i stepped in the United States of America 2 years ago and the main reason that made me finally make this awesome decision to be a dancehall act was the contrast in development of this place(USA) and where i was born and bred, Ghana, Africa. I have, like we all do, always known America to be an amazing land in terms of almost everything and to know that my country, with all we have got in terms of natural and human resources, do not have even a quarter of what this place has really broke my heart and still does break my heart. I have always known myself to be a messenger whenever i make records because of what i say in my music and my popular song One Stone is an example and so i said to myself one day here in the States, ‘the one main genre of music that Africans, Africans from around the diaspora and even everybody in this world get messages and guidance from is Reggae/ Reggae Dancehall music and also the one genre that African or black musicians in the diaspora sing their messages via to the people they want to teach, touch and make happy at the same time is the Reggae/Reggae Dancehall Music thus my final decision to work hard under this amazing genre and deliver to my fans who have always believed in me through thick and thin, the people of Ghana, Africa and the world as a whole so help me Jah I have loved reggae music and dancehall music all my life. I have followed and have been massively uplifted and inspired by this special genre. I aspire to follow in the footsteps of my mentors: Bob Marley, his sons Damian, Stephen, Ziggy, Kimani, and top acts like Sizzla, Gentleman, Capleton, Jah Cure, Fantah Mojah, Vybz Kartel, Chronixx and Movado, to mention just a few. I have listened to, been captivated by, and learned so much from these greats, thus my switch to the Reggae Dancehall genre 4 years ago.

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