what is an aftown credit?

aftown credit offers users the convenience of having e-cash in their account balance in order to purchase music whenever they want to.

how do i buy aftown credit?

log into your aftown account and visit the "top up" page. pay using mobile money, visa or mastercard.

how do i top up with my aftown credit automatically?

it's simple & easy. visit aftown.com/myprofile  or

log into your aftown account. click on "top-up" under "you" category.

is there a download limit?

yes, all downloads expire after 5 attempts.

how can i join the aftown community?

to become a member of the community, create a free account by clicking ‘register’ on our homepage.

is there a signup fee for users?

no, creating an account on aftown.com is totally free of charge; sign up today if you have not already done so.

can musicians make a living on aftown?

absolutely, aftown renders musicians an avenue to earn revenue on their hard work through a trusted online platform. visit aftown for Artists to open a shop on aftown .

is downloaded music encoded with digital rights management (drm)?

all songs are drm-free and can be transferred to and played on any device that accepts mp3 file format.

can i download music from outside ghana?

yes, you can top up your account using your foreign visa or mastercard. safe & secure.

how do i cancel my aftown account?

we’ll be sad to see you go but if you insist, kindly mail our support team at support@aftown.com to assist you with that.

how do i lodge a complaint?

to lodge a complaint visit our support centre.

for support call

(+233) 555.892.892