Title: Solitaire - EDWVN x Reynolds TheGentleMan Akotowaa

Mixed by Drumroll.

Recording Studio - Beehype Studios, VI Music Hub

Record Label : Vision Inspired Music (VI Music)

Solitaire is for...
When you have a dream no one else seems to believe in.
When you feel abandoned by your closest friends.
When you feel like your society doesn't accommodate for you.
When you feel invisible.
When you feel abandoned by God.
When you realize you are enough as you are.

Akotowaa invites you to join her in her creative, heartfelt and passionate exploration of the theme of solitude the way she has seen and experienced it.

Poems/songs written by Akotowaa

Solitaire - Akotowaa ft. EDWVN & Reynolds TheGentleMan



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