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Ex British soldier makes his debut in the UK music scene, after winning the best music video award for his first release Dancefloor in The Gambia and being aired on BBC with three of his latest tracks. Gambino Akuboy is undoubtable pushing to the top with his own new sound, placed somewhere between Afrobeats, Afro Dance and simply his Aku Sound. He combines authentic African rhythm and melodies with a fun energetic Afro Pop/Dance vibe. Gambino Akuboy grew up in The Gambia where he became famous for his acting. But then came to the UK and joined the British army. He discovered his musical talent four years ago when he spent some time in Kenya, during his military service. Since then, things have just taken off! No one can keep pace with his speed of producing bangers. His mission is clear: Gambino Akuboy wants to go right to the top. And there is nothing much standing in his way. So get excited and rest assured there is more to come from Gambino Akuboy, the master of deep and catchy tunes!

  • joined Jan 10, 2019