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Babacar Niane known as Kamal was born in Kaolack (Medina Baye Niass) in 1989, Medina Baye is a religious city known for his great spiritual guide Mawlana Cheikh Ibrahima Niasse. Kamal grew up, studied, Koran and French at the age of 5 and 7 years which allowed him to have a solid educational curriculum, he holds a Bachelor in Modern letters from UCAD University) Kamal has a perfect understanding of Koran and the Arabic language. Kamal is a young disciple of Sheikh Ibrahima Niass, the latter who no longer needs to be introduced to the world. He joined the fayda in 2009 and took tarbiya (divine education) under the shadow of his guide Mawlana SANGUE BARKHAMA NDIAYE where he began his first steps of Zikkr by singing in the religious gathering (Dahira, Hadratul Juma) and conferences. The talent of Kamal is not limited to Zikkr, he knows how to sing other kind of music like RNB and Arabic music. The versatile as his friends call him, Kamal has always loved music, it is even the Fayda that diverted him from his desires to be a rap artist, he even recorded a song in 2013. In 2016 he decided to be a religious singer, he released his first Single in August 2018 entitled Abal Abbass produced by Boubacar Djiba (Mr Vazy) founder and CEO of the label Vazy Music. The song was a masterpiece, it helped to reveal Kamal’s talent and caught the attention of lot of people, Kamal is still working with the label Vazy Music and is in the studio working on his album.

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